Magnetic Tape Seal

Cargos like cereal or steel require leak proof sealing of hatch covers to avoid claims. Magnetic Tape ensures leak proof sealing. Patented magnetic tape system by use of oil / seawater proof rubber and absolute tear resistance.

All products are tailor made and made in Germany. As such, specific client’s design wishes are often feasible. Please inform which application you have in mind. German Lloyd certification has been achieved for the use of hatch cover seals onboard commercial ships. These pictures show some of the tests. High water pressure was applied to see if magnetic tapes held to deck steel at adverse conditions. Special reinforced Neodym-magnets far exceed conventional magnet force and don’t loose their magnetic strength over years. These magnets are so strong that most airlines fear to transport them. Sea transport advised. Fast production and delivery to German, Dutch and Belgian ports can be arranged.

Certified by German Llyod


For removing tape you face no time and material loss: You can remove 15 meter magnetic tape in 4-6 minutes. Just roll it up.


No glue removal issues. Easy derusting and recoating of hatch cover.


Accurate sealing of hatch cover clearance. Magnetic Tape ensures leak proof sealing.

Cost Effective

Durable and Reusable. High Time and Cost Saving versus common glue tape.


In Canada, insurances insist on magnet tapes, especially on middle hatch covers, to prevent accidential mixture or contamination.

Holding Strength

Our magnetic tapes have 24 magnets per meter. 1 magnet holds 35 kgs.

Neodym Magnets

Lifetime of normal magnets is rather short. Despite a 3 time higher price we only use Neodym magnets produced with rare earth because conventional magnets loose their strength. Neodym magnets keep their strength for many years even after using them hundred times.

Tape Life Time

Our magnetic tapes are designed to last for many years. The latest generation of tapes is now in use for over 4 years and our clients are not in a hurry to replace them.